Team Giant&Liv Enduro Academy

Team members

Jakub Jonkisz - instructor

Academic teacher (doctorate in philosophy), cycling tourism instructor (AWF), ski instructor (ISIA, SITN-PZN, UKFiS) with several years of experience. He conducted commercial and sports trainings at every level of advancement. Leading enduro sportsperson in the country, designer of mountain bike paths (IMBA certificate), organizer.


Paweł Zyzański - instructor

Bicycle tourism instructor (AWF) and ski instructor with several years of experience (UKFiS). At one time, a leading enduro sportsperson. Organizer of cycling competitions, path builder (IMBA certificate).

Mateusz Katana - instructor

Ski instructor (SITN-PZN) with many years of experience. He competed in many disciplines: free-ski, freeride, alpine skiing, enduro.

Anna Sojka - instructor

She has many medals of the Polish Championships in downhill cycling (!), She was even a Czech champion ... many had been learning from her for many years of sports career, now she can teach even more.

Jacek Magiera - instructor

Route builder, great organizer and very fast biker

Grzegorz Graboń - instructor

A modest but fast player (, our secret weapon.

Sylwia Katana - instructor

She rides very quickly on both the bike and the board.

Anna Kulpa - instructor

Energetic, positive and spontaneous person, on a day-to-day basis, on bike and on board.

Piotr Polak

Despite the fact that “Piter” has been riding in the so-called group of death (40+, from 40 till the ... end;), he would be able to share some strength and endurance with his younger colleagues.