Enduro Trails "EWS Gold Qualifier" 27-28.08.2021

5 August 2021

Enduro Trails "EWS Gold Qualifier" 27-28.08.2021.

Enduro Trails started as an enduro race back in 2014 with the aim and the passion for racing and building awesome trails. Since then the Enduro Trails team has organised dozens of successful races and built more than 80 kilometers of trails in the region. Trail-riding has become one of the main tourist attractions in the region! So, just come and race these trails here in Bielsko, Szczyrk and Wilkowice! Pro tip: If you want to ride them all plan your trip to be much, much longer

Entry info: From the rules: Race Rules 2021 – Enduro Trails  In order to participate in the Enduro Trails event in 2021 (27-29th of August) one has to: (A) register online (register online (register online  pay the start-up fee via bank transfer see below). (C) accept all the rules (to be confirmed in writing prior to the race) Fees: 180 PLN (until 18th of August 2021), 250PLN (form 19th until 26th of August 2021)

Race Schedule:

1. Race Course announcement: Wednesday 25th of August (late evening)

2. Training:26-27th of August

3. Prologue: Friday 27th of August (starts at 4pm)

4. Race day: Saturday 28th of August (starts at 9am, ends about 6pm)