Giant Enduro Trails 2019

6 September 2019

Some informations: Our major aim this year is to connect trails in Bielsko-Biała with the new ones in Szczyrk. We wanted to show the new, connecting trails during the race scheduled at 27th of September (traditionally most of the natural, enduro trails appeared first at our races). Unfortunately, due to some formal procedures, it is not going to happen. Of course, we could easily race in Bielsko again, however after 11 consecutive editions there, we wanted something new. So we decided to follow the main plan and rescheduled the connecting event at late spring 2020 (provisional date is 12-13th of June). We are very sorry that the information appeared so late, but until the very end we hoped that the plan will work. Therefore, we ask for your understanding! As a compensation we can only assure You that more trails, as the one presented here, will come very soon.
So this season we stuck with the trailbuilding projects, however racing will be back, and will be serious (more info soon), we promise, afterall it all started from enduro racing here….