Race Schedule and Map (Enduro Trails EWS Gold Qualifier 2021)

25 August 2021

It is official now: Szczyrk and Bielsko connected during the race!!, we serve You the longest ever special stages (to complete SS2 fastest riders will race for at least 15 minutes!!), one Gondola up-lift, most stunning views (especially upper part of the liaison to SS2) and a solid enduro-adventure!

Useful Information:

  • To participate in official trainings, prologue and race one has to sign the race-agreement and receive a race plate prior to the race (in case of underaged participants, their parent or legal guardian has to sign the agreement in the race office prior to the race).
  • The race is not a loop, it starts in Szczyrk and ends in Bielsko.
  • After the race we provide transportation for drivers to pick-up their cars from Szczyrk.
  • You receive one ticket for Gondola in the Race Office (to be used during the race only).
  • Race office open tomorrow from 10am to 19am (by the trailcenter)

Ps. Registered riders exceed the limited of 250 participants already, priority is given to paying the fee, so first come first served, registration open only until tomorrow!

Race Schedule:

Race Map:

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Race schedule pdf

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