Race Rules 2021

1. Aims

  • Popularization of mountain-biking as an accessible form of mountain tourism, and enduro as an attractive sporting discipline
  • Promotion of the region by showing that mountain-biking is an important tourist product
  • Supporting activities that lead to the development of advanced, environmentally friendly mountain-biking infrastructure, especially the cycling trails or so called ‘single tracks’
  • Promoting active lifestyle, sport, health and the rational protection of the environment and all brands and companies that support these ideas

2. Participation and fees

  • In order to participate in the Enduro Trails EWS Gold Qualifier (27-29th of August 2021) one has to: (A) register online (B) pay the start-up fee via bank transfer (see below). (C) accept all the rules (to be confirmed in writing prior to the race)
  • Fees:  180 PLN (until 18th of August 2021), 250PLN (form 19th until 26th of August 2021)
  • Bank account IBAN:PL11 1140 2004 0000 3502 7895 0095; Please include in the description the name and surname of the competitor.
  • Company: Ecoriders Sp.z o.o., Address: Wyzwolenia 252A, 43-365 Wilkowice
  • Participants Limit: 250

3. Race format and structure

  • The race contains 2-6 timed special stages and a corresponding amount of non-timed liaison stages; it may also contain one timed prologue stage. The average length of the race loop (all stages together) is 25-40 kilometres with elevation difference about 1000-1800 metres.
  • Special stages (abbreviated to “OS” from the Polish phrase “Odcinek Specjalny” in results/communications) must follow a predominantly descending route (there should be no more than 15% ascending), and focus on testing the rider’s technical skills. Special stages will consist for the most part of narrow trails with lots of technical elements: e.g., roots, rocks, steep slopes, jumps, drops, berms. Their average length and times may vary (taking on average between 2 and 10 minutes to finish a stage). The cumulative time for all special stages during the race should be around 20 minutes for the fastest rider or more. The competitors will start individually on each of the special stages (and the prologue), at 15-45 second time-intervals.
  • Liaison stages will mainly go uphill, and are limited in time by the individual starting times on special stages set by the organizer. In certain cases, mechanical uplift will be allowed (e.g. gondola or chairlift) on such stages.
  • Prologue is one short (around one-minute), predominantly descending stage before the main race. The competitors start individually in the prologue, at 15-30 second time-intervals (the order being set by the organizer). The results of the prologue will be used to establish the starting order in the main race. The prologue is not mandatory; however, all those who have not participated in it will be assigned the longest time (of competitor who completed the prologue without mechanical or penalty) plus one second, and will start in random order.
  • The general classification of each race will be calculated by adding all special-stage times together (the competitor with the shortest overall time wins the race). The organiser of the race may decide to add the time of the prologue to the general cassification but has to announce it no later than the race map.
  • The starting list with the individual starting times on special stages will be released a day before the race, or about two hours after the prologue.
  • The starting order will be set by the organizer based on the results of the prologue (with the fastest racers starting last), or on the basis of classifications from previous races or similar events. The racers will start in the following order: 1) all seeded women; 2) all seeded men; 3) all unseeded competitors in random order.

4. The race course

  • The race course will contain the best technically demanding trails in the region
  • Markings used on special stages: (A) Red arrows on a white background (the racer must follow all red arrows). (B) Three black exclamation marks on a white background (placed just before dangerous sections or elements of the course) (C) Tapes (placed on one or both sides of the race course)
  • Markings on liaison stages: green arrows on a white background (placed only in crucial spots)
    The race course map (with GPS data) will be released two days before the race: e.g., on Thursday evening, if the race is in Sunday.
  • Rules for special stages: (A) Immediately before his or her individual starting time, only one competitor is allowed to be in the starting zone (an official starter will mark the zone). (B) It is not permitted to start before the starter’s command (early starts will be penalized). (C) Any competitors who are late for their starting time will receive a one-minute penalty, being allowed to race in the first gap in the starting times, leaving at very short time intervals (there will be a one-minute gap on the starting list after every 10-20 racers) (D) It is permitted to start standing with both feet on the pedals (stopped position), but only from the exact spot indicated by the starter. (E) Where two pieces of course tape have been put up on opposite sides of the course, the riders must pass between them; where the red arrow marks the course, the rider must stay on the trail close to the arrow. Missing, crossing or passing the course tape or arrows on the wrong side will be deemed course cutting (and so penalized by disqualification). (F) If caught up by a faster rider, one is required to give way as quickly as possible. (G) On crashing, one must move out of the race course as quickly as possible. (H) Restarting any special stage is not possible under any circumstances, except where one has been involved in providing first aid to another rider (such cases will be analysed by the race officials). (I) If one encounters an injured or unconscious rider, one must call for help (medical staff number +48 533 33 44 22, mountain rescue number (GOPR) +48 601 100 300), stay with the victim and/or provide first aid
  • Rules for liaison stages: (A) During the race, no other means of transport can be used at any time except one’s own bike or feet (unless the organizer authorizes other means of transport). (B) Riders are NOT permitted to push the bikes up on the special stages. (C) On public roads, the competitor is obliged to obey traffic regulations. (D) On tourist or walking paths the competitor should exercise great caution
  • During the race, each competitor must be self-sufficient. Racers are encouraged to help fellow competitors on the course. Any competitor receiving outside assistance from a non-racer without prior agreement from the Race Officials will be disqualified. This includes using outside help to carry equipment or food around the course or perform repairs during the race. Each competitor must perform all such activities on his/her own or with the help of other riders.

5. Categories and points

  • There will be the following four race categories:
  • W15-20: all female racers who are 15-20 years old (born between 2006-2001)
  • W21+: all female racers who are 21 or more years old (born in 2000 or earlier)
  • M15-20: male racers who are 15-20 years old (born between 2006 and 2001)
  • M21-39: male racers who are 21-39 years old (born between 2000-1982)
  • M40+: male racers who are 40 or more years old (born in 1981 or earlier)
  • Underage riders (providing they are not less than 15 years old) are allowed to participate, but only upon showing a written consent fromby a parent or legal a guardian.
  • A “team” must consist of at least two different racers. In calculating the final results for a team, the four best individual results will be taken into account: i.e. the results with the highest number of points obtained in a given category, according to the list below.
  • Each racer will receive points for his or her position in a given category as indicated in the following list:
Position M21-39 K21+ W15-20, M15-20, M40+, M&W E-bike
1 500 400
2 420 340
3 360 300
4 320 280
5 290 260
6 270 240
7 250 220
8 240 200
9 230 180
10 220 160
11 210 150
12 200 140
13 190 120
14 180 110
15 170 100
16 165 90
17 160 80
18 155 70
19 150 65
20 145 60
21 140 55
22 136 50
23 134 45
24 132 40
25 130 35
26 128 30
27 126 28
28 124 26
29 122 24
30 120 22
31 119 20
32-n Every
lower position one point less
lower position one point less
n n ≥ 150 No points n ≥ 51 No points

Enduro Trails (held on 27-29th of August 2021) is official EWS GOLD qualifier event.


5. Other requirements and rules

  • Equipment requirements: (A) Only one bike may be used during the race, with one frame, one front and rear suspension and one set of wheels. In case of an E-bike, a competitor is obliged to use only one battery and original manufacturer software (battery assistance limited to 25km/h) (B) During the race, the racer is required to be wearing an attested bicycle helmet all the time when riding a bike, on both special and liaison stages. (C) It is strongly recommended that all competitors carry the following items: additional protective gear, a suitable backpack, a waterproof jacket, an emergency blanket, a puncture repair kit, a multi tool, a well maintained first aid kit, a course map, food and fluids, eye protection (glasses or goggles), emergency contacts supplied by the organizer, and a whistle.
  • During training (when following the map of the race course), the transport of riders between special stages by private/team transport (shuttling) is strictly limited to public, open roads. A rider found using a private or team vehicle on a closed/private road or track will be disqualified.
  • Riders are NOT permitted to push up the special stage either during training (when following the map of the race course) or on a race day
  • If one encounters an injured or unconscious rider during training or a race, one must call for help (medical staff number +48 533 33 44 22, mountain rescue number (GOPR) +48 601 100 300), and/or provide first aid.
  • Environmental rules:
    Enduro mountain bike racing allows us to ride into remote, backcountry areas of natural beauty. It is of the upmost importance that all racers respect their environment and consider the impact they leave behind for the local riding community and infrastructure. The rules below have been put in place to protect our trails and our riding environments: (A) No disposable goggle tear offs may be used. (B) The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited. (C) Riders must not store food and drinks on the trail (Food Stashes). Left-behind packaging, and uncontrolled food supplies, may have a serious impact on local wildlife and the local environment. (D) Riders must not store or drop clothing or equipment on the trail (Food/Gear Stashes) during the official training or during racing. All riders must remain self-sufficient and carry off the mountain what they carry onto it. (E) It is strictly forbidden to rebuild the trails. (Only such elements as loose stones, branches and rubbish may be removed or collected). (F) Any rider whose actions are deemed to seriously damage the local environment will be penalized (by time penalty or disqualification!).

6. Penalties and protests

  • Any rule violation may be penalized by time penalty (0.5-5 minutes) or disqualification. The violation must be registered with the event organizer within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing the final stage.
  • The Enduro Trails event organizer is responsible for the application of the rules and has the final say.
  • The organizer can appoint special ‘Flying Marshals’ to travel around the course, at their own discretion, to undisclosed points. These ‘Flying Marshals’ can report rule violations to the organizer.
  • All complaints/protests must be formulated in a written and signed form (with a detailed description of the circumstances), and handed to the event organizer within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing the final stage, together with a deposit fee (100 PLN, to be refunded if the complaint/protest is considered valid)
  • Decisions regarding penalties and complaints/protests will be made by the board of three judges (the race director, racer and head marshal).

7. Other

  • The Enduro Trails event organizer has the right to interpret the rules or make necessary changes.
  • Upon registration, the competitor must accept all of the above rules, which must be confirmed on paper (by submitting a signature on the Enduro Trails enrolment list at the organizer’s headquarters before the race).
  • Each competitor must also accept the following clause:

“The organizer of the Enduro Trails event and all persons cooperating with the organizer will not be held liable to the participants of Enduro Trails for any personal, material or property damage that occurs before, during or after the race. Participants assume full responsibility for their own decision to start in the race. Participants bear civil and legal responsibility for all damages they incur or cause. By submitting a signature on the Enduro Trails enrolment list, participants waive the right to seek legal investigation from the Enduro Trails organizer or its co-operators in the event of an accident or injury related to an Enduro Trails event. By submitting a signature on the Enduro Trails enrolment list, I understand that in the event of an accident involving me or my relatives, I will not be able to pursue any legal claims against the organizer of the Enduro Trails event or its co-operators (e.g. sponsors and partners). I am obliged to obey all instructions given by the race staff, marshals and judges, and to adhere to the rules. I am aware of the conditions of participation and I declare my intention to participate in the event (or that of my child or pupil). The condition of my health (or that of my child or pupil) is such as to allow for participation in such an event without any risk of incurring damage to my health or death. I have read the regulations, and am acquainted with the format of the race and the race course for the Enduro Trails event. I am aware of the risks and dangers of participation in such an event. I have valid insurance to cover the consequences of any accidents, medical expenses and/or sporting injuries. During the race I will not be under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances or any other substances that could affect my ability to assess the situation or risks while participating and competing in the Enduro Trails event. I hereby authorize you to make use – freely and without limits as to time or territory – of my private image (or that of my child or my pupil), in photographs, video or audio materials, or press articles connected to the Enduro Trails event, where these have been produced by the organizer of the event and/or any of its co-operators (sponsors, photographers, partners), in order to promote the organizer’s brand or those brands represented by sponsors and partners, and I will not in the future claim any financial or material rights connected to such activities. I also provide my signature in confirmation of the fact that I am acquainted with all of these rules and have completed the registration form accurately and in full. I hereby agree to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the law ‘concerning personal data protection’ as of 29th August 1997 (Dz. U. No. 133, pos. 883). The law forbids the copying, reproduction or sharing of these terms with a third party without the author’s consent. (See Dz. U. 1994, No. 24, pos. 83. Act of 4th February 1994, ‘concerning copyright and related rights’.)