RACE RULES Polish Championships Garmin Enduro Trails 2022

Competition regulations Polish Championships Garmin Enduro Trails 2022 (EWS qualifier)


What’s new in 2022:

  • Competition categories for women and men: Pro, U21, M1 (35+), M2 (45+), E-bike, Hobby. IMPORTANT: 45+ categories take place with a minimum of four contestants.

  • Teams: are classified in Enduro Trails competitions based on the points of the best four contestants from any category (this also applies to the E-bike and Hobby categories)

  • ProStage: a longer and more difficult special stage included in the competition time (it doesn’t include Hobby category!), which can be held on Friday instead of the prologue.

  • PowerStage is a single, technically difficult section of an uphill or with elements of an uphill, intended only for the E-bike category.

  • Regulations in the E-bike category: difference in the route of the competition (uphill!). We check the limiters!

  • Enduro World Series: EWS points are awarded to competitors in the Pro, U21, 35+ women and men categories (EWS licenses required!!)

  • Polish Championships: MP classification applies to the categories, "Pro", U21 and 35+ women and men (PZKol licenses required!!)

  • Polish Enduro Series: PSE classification applies to the "Pro" and U21 categories for women and men and Masters 35-44 and 45 + men (licenses not required).

  • Minor competitors: start possible from the age of 15, with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. At the age of 15-16, you can only compete in the Hobby category, at the age of 17 you can choose the Hobby or U21 or Pro category.

  • Masters M1 35+ and M2 45+ may decide to start in the Pro category.

  • Seeding of the fastest competitors on all sections: applies to 30 men and 10 women.


1. Aims of the Enduro Trails

  • Popularization of mountain-biking as an accessible form of mountain tourism, and enduro as an attractive sporting discipline

  • Promotion of the region by showing that mountain-biking is an important tourist product.

  • Supporting activities that lead to the development of advanced, environmentally friendly mountain-biking infrastructure, especially the cycling trails or so called ‘single tracks’.

  • Promoting active lifestyle, sport, health and the rational protection of the environment and all brands and companies that support these ideas.

2. Participation and fees

  • In order to participate in the Enduro Trails (Polish Championships and EWS Qualifier (26-27th of August 2022) one has to: (A) register online (https://endurotrails.pl/zawody-1/o-zawodach) (B) pay the start-up fee via bank transfer (see below). (C) accept all the rules (to be confirmed in writing prior to the race) (Attentions: identity card or another document is required!!)

  • Fees: 200 PLN (until 17th of August 2022), 280 PLN (form 18th until 25th of August 2022)

  • Bank account: 11 1140 2004 0000 3502 7895 0095 (Please include the name and surname of the competitor in the transfer title.)

  • Company: Ecoriders Sp.z o.o., Address: Wyzwolenia 252A, 43-365 Wilkowice

  • Participants Limit: 250 (the payment of the fee decides about priority!)


3.  Competition categories

Categories in Enduro Trails 2022:

  • (K) “Pro” women (born in 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 17)

  • (K U21) Women under 21 (born in 2002-2005, i.e. 17-20 years old)

  • (K M1) Women Masters 35-44 (born in 1978-87)

  • (K M2) Women Masters 45+ (born in 1977 or earlier)

  • (M) “Pro” men (born in 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 17)

  • (M U21) Men under 21 (born in 2002-2005, i.e. at the age of 17-20)

  • (M M1) Men Masters 35-44 (born in 1978-87)

  • (M M2) Men Masters 45+ (born in 1977 or earlier)

  • E-Bike Women (born 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age 17)

  • E-Bike Men (born 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age 17)

  • Hobby Women (born 2007 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 15)

  • Hobby Men (born 2007 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 15)


Categories of the Polish Enduro Championship 2022 (PZKol license required!!):

  • (K) “Pro” women (born in 2005 or earlier, I.e. from the age 17)

  •  K 15-21) Women under 21 (born in 2002-2007, I.e. 15-20 years old)

  • (K M1) Woman Masters 35+ (born in 1987 or earlier)


  • (M) “Pro” men (born in 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 17)

  • (M 15-21) Men under 21 (born in 2002-2007, i.e. at the age of 17-20)

  • (M M1) Male Masters 35+ (born in 1987 or earlier)


Enduro World Series categories (EWS license required!!):

  • Women (born in 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 17)

  • Woman U21,  Women under 21 (born in 2002-2005, i.e. 17-20 years old)

  • Women Masters 35+ (born in 1987 or earlier)


  • Men (born in 2005 or earlier, i.e. from the age of 17)

  • Men U21, Men under 21 (born in 2002-2005, i.e. at the age of 17-20)

  • Man Masters 35+ (born 1987 or earlier)



  • Separate rankings of competitors and award ceremony will be carried out for the category in Enduro Trails (all competitors) and in the Polish Championships (only competitors with PZKol licenses). The ranking of competitors collecting EWS points will also be presented (only competitors with EWS licenses).

  • Classification in the Masters 45+ category will be carried out with the participation of at least 4 people of this age (both among women and men), in case of a smaller number of competitors they will be included in the 35+ category.

  • The "Pro" category is reserved for the fastest men and women, however, not younger than 17 (i.e. born in 2005 or earlier). Therefore, a person aged 35+, 45+ or under 21 can decide individually (when registering online) to start in this category.

  • Minor competitors (but not younger than 15 years of age) may participate in the race only after the parent or legal guardian shows a written consent and identity documents. Whereby: those born in 2006-2007 (15-16 years old) must choose the Hobby category, while those born in 2005 (17 years old) may choose one of the three categories, i.e. Hobby, U21 or Pro.

  • EWS points are only awarded to competitors with an active EWS membership, available here: https://portal.enduroworldseries.com/ (User Navigation > My Membership). There is no category of 45+ men and women in EWS (there is only category 35+), therefore EWS points will be awarded after the combination of categories M1 35-44 and M2 45+.

  • To be classified in the Polish Enduro Championship, a PZKol license is required, available here: https://www.pzkol.pl/8,licencje-kolarskie.html

  • Each person is allowed to choose only one of the competitor categories described above!

4. Structure and form of the race

  • The races consist of 2-6 special sections (with time measurement) and an appropriate number of uphill sections (without time measurement). The day before the race, a special stage may be held in the form of a prologue or so-called Prostage. The average length of the race (all sections including uphills) is 30-45 kilometres with a vertical drop of 1200-1800 meters.

  • Special stages (abbreviated to “OS”) are predominantly descending route (there should be no more than 10% uphill), focused on testing the competitor’s technical skills (they are usually the most pleasant to drive, narrow paths, bristling with technical elements: e.g., roots, rocks, steep slopes, jumps, drops, berms etc.). Their average length and time may vary significantly, usually they last from a few to even several minutes. The cumulative time for all special stages during the race should be around 20 minutes or more for the fastest competitor. Competitors start at the prologue, ProStage and special stages individually, every 15-45 seconds.

  • The uphill sections are mainly wider forest and public roads, the time limit for overcoming them is determined by the starting times or the opening time of subsequent special sections. In certain situations, the organizer may allow the uphill sections to be covered using a ski lift.

  • The prologue is a single, short (about a minute) downhill stretch that takes place before the main race. The competitors start the prologue individually, every 15-30 seconds, in the order determined by the organizer. The prologue results are the basis for determining the starting order for the special stages. The prologue is not compulsory, but non-starters will receive the time in the prologue obtained by the last competitor who completed it without fault, increased by one second (the decision on this matter will be made by the organizer) and they will start in the special stages in random order. The time of the prologue may not be included in the final time (the decision is made by the organizer and announced when the route is published).

  • The ProStage is a single, long and difficult downhill stage the day before the main race. Competitors start in it individually, at intervals of 30-45 seconds, in the order established by the organizer (in such a way as to minimize overtaking on the route). The Pro Stage results are the basis for determining the starting order of the special stages in the main race. Participation in ProStage is obligatory for all categories except Hobby!

  • PowerStage is a single, technically difficult section of the uphill or with uphill elements, intended only for the E-bike category.

  • The classification of the race in all categories except Hobby and E-bike will be determined by adding up the time obtained in the prologue (if it is included in the time of the competition), the ProStage and all special stages. The person with the shortest total time wins.

  • The classification in the Hobby category will be determined by adding up the time obtained in the prologue (if it is included in the competition time) and the special stages selected or modified by the organizer (the aim is to eliminate all extremely difficult sections). The person with the shortest total time wins.

  • The classification in the E-bike category will be determined by adding up the time obtained in the prologue (if it is included in the competition time), the ProStage stage and special stages together with the so-called PowerStage. The person with the shortest total time wins.

  • The start list for the main race will be announced a few hours after the end of the ProStage or the prologue. The starting order of competitors will be determined by the organizer on the basis of the results obtained in such a way as to minimize overtaking on the route. Competitors will be placed in reverse order to the places taken in the prologue or ProStage.

  • The individual start time of the competitors will be determined by the organizer and will only apply to the time of departure from the competition village (crossing the starting gate is obligatory!) and the start time on the first special stage.

  • The organizer may decide to set the starting order or time for the 10 fastest women and 30 men on each special stage (so that the fastest competitor always go together, separated by a break of several minutes).

  • The organizer recommends that all competitors keep the same order as in the first special stage until the end of the race. Competitors starting out of their turn may be released by the starter at shorter intervals.



  • Markings on special stages: (A) Red arrows on a white background (the competitor must follow all red arrows) (B) Three exclamation marks on a white background (they will be placed right in front of dangerous sections or elements) (C) Tapes (placed on one or on both sides of the route)

  • Approach road: green arrows on a white background (located at key points).

  • A map with the entire route of the competition (including GPS tracks in gpx format) will be published two days before the race (e.g. on Wednesday evening if the main race is on a Saturday).

  • Rules for special stages: (A) Only one competitor may be in the start area shortly before their start time (the starter will mark or indicate this area). (B) It is not allowed to start before the starter's command (an early start will be penalized). (C) Competitors who are late for their individual start time in a given special stage may be penalized with one minute time penalty and will be allowed to start in the first break between the competitors (a one-minute break after every 10 or 20 competitors). (D) You may start with both feet on the pedals, but only from the position indicated by the starter. (E) If two pieces of tape are on both sides of the route, the competitor must pass between them, if the red arrow marks the route, the competitor must be on the track in the immediate vicinity of the arrow. Avoiding or passing on the wrong side of the route marked with tapes or arrows will be considered a shortening (the penalty for shortening is disqualification!) (F) If a competitor is caught by another faster competitor, he must give way to the other competitor as soon as possible. (G) If a competitor falls over on the route, he should leave it as soon as possible (H) It is not possible to restart the competitor in a specific stage, in any other case than to provide first aid to the injured person (such cases will, however, be analyzed by the organizer) (I) If the competitor encounters an injured or unconscious competitor on the route they are obliged to call for help (phone number for medical service +48 533 33 44 22, phone number GOPR +48 601 100 300), stay with the injured person and/or provide him with first aid


  • Regulations on the approach sections: (A) No means of transport other than your own bicycle or legs may be used during the race (unless the organizer indicates a permitted means, e.g. a lift). (B) Competitors may not push bikes along the route of special stages, neither during the competition nor during training! (C) On public roads, the competitor must obey the Traffic Regulations. (D) On hiking or walking paths, the competitor must watch out for pedestrians.

  • Competitor must be self-sufficient during the race. Competitors are encouraged to assist each other on route, but the competitor using outside assistance from a non-competitor, without prior approval from the organizer, will be disqualified. This includes, inter alia, giving someone a ride, carrying food, drink or clothes, or repairing equipment. All these activities must be performed by the competitor alone or with the help of other competitors.


5. Team classification

  • The "team" must consist of at least two different competitors from any category (this also applies to the E-bike and Hobby categories!!). Team performance for Enduro Trails will be calculated on the points scored by the top four competitors of any category, according to the scoring table below:



Category: Pro

Category: U21, M1, M2, E-bike, Hobby































































































Each place below is one point less

Each place below is one point less


n ≥ 150 No points

n ≥ 51 No points


5. Equipment requirements:

  • During the race, you can use one bicycle, in which you cannot replace: frame, wheels and shock absorbers (during the race repairs and replacement of other elements can be made only by yourself or with the help of other competitors)

  • In the case of E-bike, the competitor must not change the factory software of the bike (in particular, it is a matter of blocking the assist up to a speed of 25 km/h inclusive), or connect the so-called speedboxes. You can only use bikes approved for traffic on public roads in accordance with applicable law (the motor supports with a maximum power of 250W only when pedalling up to a speed of 25 km/h). It is allowed to replace and/or charge the battery.

  • NOTE: The organizer may inspect selected electric bikes in terms of their possible modifications, the competitor is obliged to voluntarily hand over the bike for inspection (otherwise they will be disqualified)

  • During the race, the competitor must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, both on special and access stages (the helmet can be removed only while walking with a bicycle!!). Cases of documented driving without a helmet will be penalized (5 minute time penalty!!).

  • It is recommended that all competitors during the race have: integral helmet (so called "full face"), knee and elbow protectors, spine protector (so called "turtle"), container (e.g. backpack or waist bag) with: charged phone, NRC emergency blanket, first aid kit, repair kit or spare tube, multi-tool, route map, food and drink, eye protection (glasses or goggles).


6. Training sessions

  • During training sessions (after the map is published on Wednesday evening), competitors must be transported between special stages by private or team cars only on open public roads. Breaking this rule will result in disqualification!

  • The announcement may specify the sequence and time of allowing a given special stage for training.

  • Only the route of an approved special stage will be fully marked for the competition

  • You must strictly adhere to the designated training time on a given special stage (training at other time results in a time penalty)

  • It is forbidden to push the bikes along the route of the special stage, both during training (after publishing the map of the competition) and during the competition.

  • If, during training, a competitor encounters an injured or unconscious competitor on the route, he is obliged to call for help (GOPR phone number +48 601 100 300), stay with the injured person and/or provide them with first aid.


7. Protection of Nature

Enduro races often allow competitors to contact the wild, mountain nature and ride the best singletrack in the area. It is very important that the competitors respect nature and minimize their impact on it. This also applies to respect for the local cycling infrastructure and community. The following rules are intended to protect our path environment:

  • Do not leave any rubbish behind you (used bicycle parts, goggle tear-offs, food and drink packaging, etc.).

  • You must not hide or leave clothing or equipment on the route (take all the necessary equipment with you)

  • You must not hide the food on the route (it may adversely affect the behaviour of wild animals)

  • It is not allowed to reconstruct or correct any elements of the competition routes (also during official training)

  • Each competitor whose actions are considered to be harmful to the environment or bicycle infrastructure will be punished with a time penalty or disqualification!

6.  Penalties and appeal

  • The competitor may be disqualified or punished with a time penalty (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) for each breach of the rules. Breaking the rule must be confirmed within 30 minutes of the end of the competition.

  • The organizer of the Enduro Trails event is responsible for the application of the rules and has the final say in this matter.

  • The organizer may appoint for this purpose special judges who will report on breaking the rules.

  • All appeals made by competitors must be in writing with an accurate description of the situation, legible signature and their own data (data consistent with any document). They can be submitted up to 30 minutes from the end of the competition (closing of the last stage). A PLN 500 deposit is required to issue an appeal, returnable if the applicant is right (if not, the deposit is not returned).

  • Decisions on penalties and protests are made by a three-person commission (race director, designated representative of the competitors and the main judge)


7.  Other regulations

  • The organizer of the Enduro Trails event has the right to interpret the rules or change them in exceptional circumstances.

  • After registering, the competitor must accept all the above regulations and confirm it with a signature at the Competition Office (presenting an identity document).

  • The competitor must also accept the following clause:


“The organizer of the Enduro Trails competition and all persons cooperating shall not be liable to the participants of the Enduro Trails competition for personal, material and property damages that occur before, during or after the Enduro Trails competition. Participants start at their own risk. Participants bear civil and legal liability for all incurred and/or caused damages. By signing the Enduro Trails entry list, competitors waive any right of legal or recourse against the Enduro Trails organizer or its contractors in the event of an accident or damage related to Enduro Trails. By signing the entry list for Enduro Trails competition, I acknowledge that in the event of an accident involving me (or involving my child or the person under my care) I cannot bring any claims against the Enduro Trails organizer and persons cooperating with it, I.e. sponsors and partners. I undertake to comply with the orders of law enforcement services, judges and the terms of the Enduro Trails regulations. I agree with the terms and conditions of participation and report my participation (or the participation of my child or ward) in the above-mentioned competition. My state of health (or that of my child or the person under my care) allows me to participate in sports competitions without the risk of losing health or life. I got acquainted with the rules, formula and route of the Enduro Trails competition. I am aware of the dangers of participating in Enduro Trails competitions. I have valid insurance in the field of accidents, medical expenses and sports injuries. During the competition, I will not be under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances or other substances that have a negative impact on the ability to assess the situation and risk arising from participation in the competition.

By this signature, I consent to the free and unlimited in time and territory use of my image (or the image of my child or the person under my care), by means of photos, videos, interviews or articles related to the event, by the organizer of the Enduro Trails competition and by all persons cooperating (e.g. by sponsors, photographers, partners, etc.) to promote the organizer’s brands or the brands of partners and sponsors, and therefore I will not claim any property rights in the future.

With my signature, I also assure you that I have read all the provisions of the competition regulations and filled out the application list completely and truthfully. I consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883).

Copying, duplicating and sharing these regulations with a third party without the consent of the author is protected by law pursuant to Journal of Laws No. 1994 No.24, item. 83 ACT of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights.