Giant&Liv Enduro Trails Academy

About training courses

We are a group of people with several years of training and sport experience. We trained skiing, snowboarding and bicycle riding. We started and achieved success in various cycling disciplines (downhill, enduro, 4X) and winter sports (alpine skiing, freeride, snowboard). We organized many sport events, training trips, competitions.

We have many certificates confirming our competences issued, among others by UKFiS, AWF, SiTN, PZN, ISIA.

During lessons, we use proven training techniques, including:

• Description and presentation: the instructor explains and describes the technical element and presents it.

• Methodical path: the instructor selects appropriate corrective exercises, gradually introducing proper motor habits

• "Video-coaching": a short presentation of video recordings during the lesson and a longer analysis after classes

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+48 504 897 269 (Paweł)


Training dates:


April 2024: May 2024: June 2024: July 2024:


Price list of trainings:
Packages (trainings are conducted in groups of 4-10 people):


Training at the basic level 1(2 day, 8-10 hours): 400 PLN

Intermediate level training level 2 (2 days, 8-10 hours): 450 PLN

Advanced level training level 3(2 days, 8-10 hours): 450 PLN

Expert level training level 4(2 days, 8-10 hours): 450 PLN

(We conduct training packages in accordance with the methodical schema; in order to participate in the next level you must complete the previous one.)


During retraining, we correct the chosen element of the given person's technique; it is worth completing the basic training earlier.

(carried out in groups of 1-6 people)

1 person. 140 PLN/hour.
2 people. 230/hour.
3 people. 270/hour.
4 people. 310/hour.
5 people. 340/hour.
6 people. 350/hour.


Training scheme:

1. Basic level

Training Objectives:

To handle the equipment (correct positioning of the lever, saddle, seatpost, etc.).

To learn the correct position on the mountain bike.

The basis of twisting and braking.
We start from a completely flat terrain, finish on green "singletrack" routes ("Stefanka") (about 4 hours)

2. Intermediate level

Training Objectives:
Skills in relation to relieve, load and "pump"
Overcoming mogul and unevenness
Open twists and twists on bands.
"Pump track" and green and blue routes
(8-10 hours)

3. Advenced level

Training Objectives:
"Bunny Hop" and the basics of jumping.
Overcoming terrain obstacles (roots, stones, faults).
Steep uphill and downhill terrain.
We start from the blue routes and finish on red and black ones
(8-10 hours).

4. Expert level


Training Objectives:
More difficult terrain obstacles ("drops", "gaps", root sections, "rock gardens”).
Choice of the route.
Preparing for competitions.
Routes of Enduro Trails and routes in bike parks
(8-10 hours)

+48 504 897 269 (Paweł)