So far, we have created 39 routes with a total length of over 90 kilometers.

About Us & Offer

We have been operating since 2014 under the brand "Enduro Trails" and the company "Eco Riders." During this time, we have contributed to the establishment of cycling centers in Bielsko-Biała (Enduro Trails – Bielsko-Biała), Zawoja (Babia Góra Trails), and Szczyrk (Szczyrk Enduro Trails). We have organized twelve editions of the Enduro Trails competitions (as of 2021). Our centers collectively have over 90 kilometers of one-way cycling trails of varying difficulty levels (known as "singletracks"). The Enduro competitions were part of the Central European Cup and are currently a "gold" qualifier for the Enduro World Cup (EWS qualifier) and the Polish National Championships.

Taking the example of Bielsko-Biała, our contribution to the creation, maintenance, and development of the cycling center included:

•    Creation of the concept (in 2014) proposing the construction of trails in the Kozia Góra and Szyndzielnia area in several stages (author: Jakub Jonkisz). This concept was submitted to the Citizen Budget, receiving funding twice (in 2015 and 2016). In 2017, the funds to complete the initial project were included in the city budget.
•    Conducting discussions and organizing meetings with the Forestry Department, Regional Directorate of State Forests, City Hall, neighboring municipalities, private investors, and assistance in obtaining necessary permits and formulating agreements.
•    Marking out and agreeing on the course of all trails.
•    Trail construction as the main contractor for all construction tasks (we collaborated in a consortium with the company "Murapol S.A.").
•    Design and installation of all indications in the center (entrance gates, barriers, maps, descriptions, indications on trails and access routes).
•    Informational support for the center in the media (on the website and FB and in the Trails Center (a building on the Błonia).
•    Ongoing maintenance, repairs, and renovations of trails.
•    Developing concepts for the further development of the center and collaboration with neighboring municipalities (plan for 2018-2022).

Based on this experience, our comprehensive offer regarding the creation of cycling centers includes all stages of their development, such as:
•    Concept creation
•    Obtaining permits (in cooperation with the investor)
•    Fundraising for implementation
•    Project creation
•    Marking out the trail route on-site
•    Technical supervision
•    Trail construction
•    Designing trail indications systems
•    Developing usage regulations
•    Maintenance of trail conditions
•    Center support and promotion

In short, we are capable of carrying out all necessary activities from the initial idea to the actual riding experience, and even more…



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