Race Schedule and Race Course

24 August 2022


About The Race

This year two Cities, Szczyrk and Bielsko are connected again during the race. We serve You four long and technically challenging special stages to race down, with total of 2150 meters of elevation difference (Prostage included). There will be two Gondola up-lifts allowed during the race (for E-bike category only one!), so the liaisons will not be that much tiring. To complete the race you will need around 6 hours, with around 40 kilometers on Your bike (Gondola excluded), so except serious racing there will be nice enduro trip to complete.


And one more thing: during the race there will be a premiere of a trail pugnaciously called “Bestyja”, that we just built in Szczyrk (it will serve as a Prostage). The trail is a mixcure of wild, technical singletrack with jumpy, bike-park stuff and it will be a part of Enduro Trails in Szczyrk Mountain Resort.


Useful Information:

  • To participate in the race You have to: sign the race-agreement and receive a race plate (You have to present Your ID, in case of under-aged participants, their parent or legal guardian has to sign the agreement in the race office); also we have to mark fork, rims and frame of your bike with stickers.

  • The race is not a loop, it starts in Szczyrk and ends in Bielsko, therefore, after the race we provide transportation for drivers to pick-up their cars from Szczyrk

  • Hobby category will not race Special Stage no.3 (the same as Prostage), whereas for an E-bike category only one Gondola up-lift is allowed and there is an uphill PowerSatge added to the Special Stage no.4

  • In the starting Package You will receive, among others, biking Jersey and two gondola tickets to be used during the race (E-bike category only one)

  • Race plates are not obligatory during training (it is forbidden to cut the plate as there are two chips laminated inside)


Race Schedule and Race Course


Thursday 25th

  • Race Office in Bielsko-Biala (Enduro Trails tent by the trailcenter): 11am-7pm

  • Training in Bielsko-Biala: 11am-7pm

Friday 26th

  • Race Office in Szczyrk (Enduro Trails tent by the Gondola station): 9am-3pm (for those who race the ProStage) and 9am-7pm (for Hobby category)

  • Training in Szczyrk: 10am-3:30pm

  • The ceremonial opening of the Polish Enduro Championship:3:30pm-4pm (hoisting the flag, national anthem)

  • SS1 (special stage no.1) “Prostage” (on the new trail in Szczyrk, called “Bestyja”): 4pm-6:45pm

Notes: Competitors are released approximately every 30 seconds according to the following categories: E-Bike W/M, Masters 1 W/M, Masters 2 W/M, U21 W/M, Pro W/M (first women, then men from a given category). Competitor cannot start earlier than with the assigned category! Latecomers will be released at a shorter interval (the starter will decide when).

  • Starting list for Saturday: Around 9pm the starting lists will be published with the individual starting time (at the starting gate and SS2) for each competitor.

Saturday 27th

  • Gondola departure time (in Szczyrk): 7:30am - 9:30am
    Notes: We recommend that you keep the order from the starting list in Your categories: E-Bike W/M, Masters 1 W/M, Masters 2 W/M, U21 W/M, Pro W/M, Hobby W/M

  • Starting Gate (passing through is mandatory, Enduro Trails tent, upper Gondola station): 7:45am-9:45am

Notes: Passing through according to the individual starting times from the list

  • Liaison to the SS2: 3km/around 25 minues.

  • SS2 (on „Zbój” and „Otik” trails):8:20am-10:30am

Notes: Individual starting times from the list

  • BUFFET: located at the bottom gondola station in Szczyrk

  • Hobby category: Liaison to the SS4 (14km!/around 2 hours)

  • E-bike category: Liaison to the SS3 (2 km/around 20minutes, starts right at the end of SS2)

  • Masters, U21 and Pro categories: Gondola up-lift 8:50-11:00

  • SS3 (on the „Bestyja” trail): 9:15am-11:30am

Notes: no individual starting times but in the following order: E-Bike W/M, Masters 1 W/M, Masters 2 W/M, U21 W/M, Pro W/M. Latecomers will be released at a shorter interval (the starter will decide when).

  • Liaison to the SS4 and Powerstage (the later is only for E-bikes): 14km/around 2 hours (1hour for E-bikes)

  • Powerstage/SS4 for E-bike W/M (short technical uphill on the yellow tourist path and the whole SS4 without stopping): 11:40am-12:10pm

  • SS4 (on “Gaciok”, “Dziabar”, “Sahaira” and “Gondola” trails): 12:30pm-3:15pm

Notes: we recommend maintaining the following order: Hobby W/M, Masters 1 W/M, Masters 2 W/M, U21 W/M, Pro W/M

  • Liaison to the SS5: 6.5 km, around 45 minutes

  • SS5 (on “DH+” and “Stary Zielony” trails): 1pm-4:45pm

Notes: recommended order E-Bike W/M, Hobby W/M, Masters 1 W/M, Masters 2 W/M, U21 W/M, Pro W/M

  • Meal for competitors: 3pm-6pm (next to the finish line)

  • Decoration and ceremonial ending of the Polish Championships: 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Afterparty (in Bike-Bar, by the trailcenter): beginns at 21:00 (Team decoration around 22:00)



Race Map:

Whole Race Course 

Prostage, SS1, SS2, SS3


SS4 and Powerstage (only e-bike)


Race Village


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