Fan Zones (Bielsko-Biała and Szczyrk) 

Welcome to watch the best athletes in the world! We have specially prepared safe fan zones for you at the finish line of the competition! Comfortable seats and stands await you, from which you will be able to watch the entire competition with professional commentary and live broadcasts on LED screens and large screens. From the fan zones, you will be able to see the athletes on the final meters of the course, performing spectacular jumps and crossing the finish line and then the fastest ones sitting on the Hotseat. Of course, at the end, you will be part of the awards ceremony, and the areas near the stage can certainly expect a champagne shower! Throughout the event, there will also be plenty of cool accompanying events. Come join us! You might even get an autograph and high-five the competitors! We guarantee the best entertainment for the whole family! Let's show the world our strength, because we have a great gravitational stage! 




Oh, there's going to be a lot happening in the fan zone at Bielsko-Biała's Błonia! The fastest enduro riders in the world will compete in two World Cups and two Open races (which means anyone can participate): classic enduro (EDR) will take place on Friday, and electric enduro on Saturday (E-EDR). The fastest Pole, Sławek Łukasik, could be decorated twice, and we're really keeping our fingers crossed for that! We're also counting on great results from other Polish riders! COME ONE "Polish Enduro Collective"! Come and support them all strongly!! Race results, various reports and interviews with the riders will be available on the big screen in the fan zone near the stage!

However, races are definitely not the only thing happening at Błonia ; your stay will be made enjoyable by various accompanying events such as: a large EXPO area where exhibitors will present their products, animations and competitions for children, bike movies on the big screen, atmospheric music from the stage, various shows, and of course, a gastronomic area.

The decoration ceremonies for the Enduro World Cup winners in Bielsko-Biała will take place in the late afternoon, when you can also try to get autographs and photos with the stars of this sport. There won't be a dull moment!



Szczyrk will be the venue for the Downhill World Cup, the Formula 1 of Gravity, which is the fastest and most arresting discipline in UCI cycling which awaits you! The semi-finals will take place on Saturday and the finals on Sunday!

The fan zone in Szczyrk includes the spectacular finish line of the Downhill World Cup, where you can: have a direct view of the final jumps and see the riders braking at the finish line (chance for autographs for those in the front rows!!), LED screens at the finish line with live results, and a large screen with live broadcast from the track, as well as special stands near the HotSeat. Of course, the entire event will be hosted by professional commentators/MCs in two languages, and various accompanying events organised by the global partners will be happening around! Attention: ticket availability in Szczyrk is strongly limited by space!

P.S. Of course, within both zones, access to restrooms, catering, and full event security will be provided!




Ticket specifications:

Bielsko-Biała May 17-18

• Two-day ticket (adult): 23 €

  • Finish line for the EDR World Cup and Open EDR on May 17th.
  • Finish line for the E-EDR World Cup and Open EDR on May 18th.
  • Big screen streaming the competitions.
  • EXPO area.
  • Athlete award stage.
  • Side events.
  • Access to the team zone.

• Two-day ticket (child 7-13 years old): half price (12€ ) Additionally includes: access to animations and Pumptrack competitions (limited spots!)


Szczyrk May 18-19

• Two-day adult ticket Finish-bowl: 40 €

  • Seats closest to the finish line for the DHI World Cup on May 18th and 19th.
  • Big screen streaming the competitions.
  • Live coverage and commentary of the events (Sunday).
  • View of the HotSeat.
  • View of the athlete award stage.
  • Exhibition area (EXPO) with global partners
  • Side events.
  • Access to the team zone.

• Two-day child ticket (7-13 years old) Finish-bowl: half price (20 €)

• Two-day adult ticket Grandstand/VIP Zone +Bielsko-Biała: 93 € 

  • Access to the zone in Bielsko-Biała included in the price!
  • Reserved seating on the grandstand.
  • Direct view of the finish line and final jumps on the track.
  • Direct view of the HotSeat.
  • Access to TEAM zone.
  • Seats closest to the finish line for the DHI World Cup on May 18th and 19th.
  • Big screen streaming the competitions.
  • Live coverage and commentary of the events (Sunday).
  • View of the athlete award stage.
  • Exhibition area (EXPO) with global partners
  • Accompanying events

Note: Children aged 0-6 enter for free, for discounted tickets for children aged 7-13, a document entitling to the discount must be presented during ticket verification.


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