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Enduro Trails
16 March 2020
Alternative date for our EWS-qualifier event for August 29th

Due to the latest spread of the epidemic in Europe, we decided to set an alternative date for our EWS-qualifier event for August 29th, 2020. If there will be no breakthrough within next 3 weeks we will confirm the new date.

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Enduro Trails
19 November 2019
June 12-13, 2020 the racing returns as an EWS-qualifier again!

So, we confirm: June 12-13, 2020 the racing returns as an EWS-qualifier again. Yet, it is a bit more serious matter for at least two reasons: firstly, we aim at a historical connection of the two trail areas that we built recently (i.e. Bielsko-Biała and Szczyrk); secondly, the event will be supervised ... it may become even more important in the near future

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Enduro Trails
6 September 2019
Giant Enduro Trails 2019

Some informations: Our major aim this year is to connect trails in Bielsko-Biała with the new ones in Szczyrk. We wanted to show the new, connecting trails during the race scheduled at 27th of September (traditionally most of the natural, enduro trails appeared first at our races). Unfortunately, due to some formal procedures, it is not going to happen.

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Trail for intermediate bikers. COLOR BLUE

A not very steep but very winding trail.

Stary Zielony

Trail for advanced bikers. COLOR RED

The trail is very fast (!) - it requires a cosiderable range of skills and excellent bike control.



Trail for beginners. COLOR GREEN

A gently descending, even and flowing trail running alongside a picturesque stream.


Trail for beginners. COLOR YELLOW

A gently winding uphill trail.


The longest and the most variable trail in the complex.


The trail is a mixture of a natural flowy singletrack (middle section) with shaped, A-line type of a trail (beginning and closing sections).